Technical Rope and Cave Emergency Response
For many years while in Kentucky , Dr Becker was a member of TRACER.  Serving first as the Secretary/Treasurer, and later, in addition, the position of Communications Officer.  The Experience that came from both learning, and later teaching, rope rescue has only added to the scope of understanding of both human and large animal rescue techniques.  TRACER also assisted Bullitt County Emergency Management and the Canine Team, the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office, as well as Jefferson County Homicide in the search for lost persons and criminal evidence.  Not only was all of the participation on TRACER volunteer, there was a considerable expense in providing personal rope rescue equipment.

The TRACER Team as of 2005

Below are some photographs of training evolutions.
TRACER-T17.jpg (63351 bytes)           TRACER-Cliff.jpg (37177 bytes)

TRACER-Climbing.jpg (34214 bytes)            TRACER-Tower.jpg (21172 bytes)

TRACER is involved in three different types of rescues.   The photographs above demonstrate "high angle" rescues
 of persons trapped on a high ledge and possibly injured, or stuck on a rope due to equipment failure.
Another type of rescue involves caves.  Below is a cave rescue sequence.   This rescue scenario occured in
Breckenridge County.   The first photograph shows packaging the patient for hypothermia.

Cave #1.jpg (41353 bytes)

Next, the patient is moved along the tight passages.

Cave #2.jpg (43537 bytes)

Cave #3.jpg (49498 bytes)

Below, the patient is then rigged for vertical lift up a pit and raised using a haul system
from other rescue personnel located above in the main room.

Cave #4.jpg (54594 bytes)

Finally, the patient is moved through the main room and back to the earths surface.

Cave Final.jpg (51790 bytes)

Cave-Emerging.jpg (44824 bytes)          Cave-Final.jpg (50409 bytes)


TRACER is also involved in Swift Water rescues.  This will become very important during the spring flooding.
  TRACER recently became affiliated with Bullitt County as their technical rope rescue team.  In this photograph,
 water rescue training is taking place.

Swift Water.jpg (41577 bytes)

Just as Dr Becker is the Telecommunication Specialist on two national disaster response teams, her
participation on TRACER often times required having to leave work on a moments notice.  With the
veterinary practice, this meant cancelling appointments and rescheduling.  And while this can be an
inconvenience for horse owners, it is hoped that there was some understanding of the importance of
public service, not dissimilar to being in National Guard of other uniformed service.